Sunday, November 22, 2009

Maddy Newman

Maddy’s love for fashion has not always been reflected in her outfit choices. She is not sure why she was so confident wearing ankle-length denim skirts and medieval inspired tops (bell sleeves are so not ok) but it happened and she now lives her life trying to undo past wrongs.

Apart from taking pictures of you Maddy enjoys playing with her band Ticky-Tak, rambling on her blog, going to gigs, decoupaging and facebook stalking.

She had a journalism degree and has worked as a radio producer and fashion buyer.

Rachel 'Rahool' Burke

Rahool has her fingers in many pies. Studying performance at the Victorian College of the Arts, Rahool is currently devoting efforts to her “Let’s Share Our Eyeballs” painting exhibit and being the foxy lead singer in the electropop band Ticky-Tak. She also has her own ukelele show that she insists on inflicting on people. Rahool needs something to wear to these things, and as such spends much of her time making clothes for both herself and friends. Rahool is certain that she likes your hat…unless it’s made of coriander.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Matt Hickey

Matt is a bit of a blog fiend. He co-edits the music blog and sporadically contributes to a bunch of other publications. He is not necessarily the most fashionable contributor (owing to the fact that he is a male and thus has a limited palette), but he is naturally the most attractive.

Matt is a freelance (now largely hobbyist journalist), and post-graduate student. He also plays in and produces the electro-pop band Ticky-Tak (sensing a pattern there?)

Monday, November 9, 2009

Ashleigh Dwyer

Ashleigh was told recently by her mother to 'get a real job' - she wonders if this counts. Secretly she is intrigued by the thought of spending the rest of her life traveling and finishing up with a lover from every continent and a strong grasp of foreign languages. Ashleigh is a freelance actor, freelance waitress, freelance cookie baker and believes most things sound more appealing when fronted by the word 'freelance.' I guess Ashleigh is just trying to find her place and for now it is here with i like your hat.